Three out of four children have crooked teeth and incorrectly developing jaws. As parents, we can notice our child’s crooked teeth from an early age. The professional advice has been to wait until all the permanent teeth have come through only to have some of those healthy teeth extracted and braces fitted. While effective in the short term, this approach can often result in the teeth crowding up again as it does not address the root causes. There is now a more natural way to achieve straight teeth and well-developed jaws, by taking a preventative pre orthodontic approach to setting up your child for a life without braces.


  • Modern research has shown that crooked teeth are not genetic, rather a result of bad oral habits such as mouth breathing as well as incorrect tongue and swallowing habits, which begin in early childhood and prevent proper jaw development.
  • Myobrace® treatment works by addressing the underlying causes affecting the dental and facial development by teaching children to correct their bad oral habits.
  • Treatment involves wearing a series of removeable appliances that are worn for 1-2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping.
  • By starting early and allowing the jaws to grow as nature intended, the teeth are able to come in straight well before braces would typically be required.

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